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Aromatic olives, juicy tomatoes with fresh basil and real buffalo mozzarella, the Italien passion for life entered our everyday life a long time ago. Weather at the Italien restaurant or in our own kitchen, the original Italien pasta and pizza brings back memories of the last vacation in “Bella Italia”. The “Amici” collection by Thomas brings the mediterranian passion for life with its universal shapely plates, bowls and platters for pizza, pasta and more, into our every day life. A must-have for every gourmet cook is the original pasta plate. The deep plate, with its wide, slightly curved edge, is perfect for a lot of dishes from the “sunny South”, like the classic “Minestrone”, a delicious “Risotto Milanese” or “Spaghetti Napoli”. The small brother of the Thomas pasta plate is a deep plate with a diameter of 26 cm. It is well suited for crispy salads, creamy soups and delicous desserts. For a big pasta session with friends or family, Thomas offers three porcelain bowls in different sizes. The generous bowls with the characterisitc wide edges are the focus of any table setting.