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When Rosenthal placed “TAC 1” by Walter Gropius on the market in 1969, his designs also comprised a formally entirely independent series for the coffee table that never went into production. Already then, sketches for a table service following the design vocabulary of the successful tea set were lying in a drawer of the product development department. They now served as a model for the current “TAC 02” programme. With this, decades after his death, Walter Gropius’ bowls go into production, whose lids come with the distinct handle on the side in karabiner design in line with those of the legendary tea set. Meanwhile, “TAC” comes in six different decors: “BIG Cities”, “Dynamic” and “Platinum”. Gropius built on the simplest geometrical forms. In accordance with his preference, the circle and the ball remain the defining elements for the simple plates and bowls, with which a whole menu can be served as from now. The new coffeepot also displays unmistakable Gropius design: its form follows the teapot’s corpus in every detail, its head raised in stylish confidence. “TAC 02” – this is the outcome of the close cooperation between the Rosenthal Creative Center and the Bauhaus foundation in Dessau. The specialised collaboration enabled this extended programme to live up to the great creative abilities of the Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius.