With the likeable collection “Cappello” (Italian: hat), Rosenthal is calling for a charm offensive. The two-piece object initially disguises itself as a bowler hat and then turns out to be a cup and saucer, which not only looks good but is also nice to hold in your hand thanks to the combination of matte and shiny porcelain. In addition to the classic version in porcelain dyed black throughout, “Cappello” is also available in puristic white.

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Damian O’Sullivan was born in England in 1969 of Franco-Irish parents. He studied design at the RCA in London and, upon completing his Masters, started designing for Hermès. He went independent in 1999, designing interior collections for the world’s most renowned fashion houses and design companies, such as Louis Vuitton, Shiseido and Royal Delft. He founded Studio O’Sullivan in Brussels in 2015.