Sixty & Twelve

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Sixty & Twelve – 60 selected vases in twelve different colours reflect an extraordinary journey through time in Rosenthal's design history and, at the same time, pick up on future trends in their redesign. The limited edition alternates between restrained shades of grey, pastel green and blue as well as intense berry tones with sonorous names like Sea Salt, Pacific, Cameo, Mint and Midnight. The shapes are as varied as the colours: they range from pure, architectural volumes to lush, floral objects. The restrained tones of the palette correspond with the strictly geometric vase shapes, while the intense colours merge with the poetically playful objects. The artistic design icons are made from a through-dyed porcelain mass specially developed by Rosenthal, which requires unique technical skills and craftsmanship and thus manifests the strong innovative power in dealing with the valuable material porcelain.

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