COLLECTION #331_RAINBOW by 'zoeppritz since 1828' x Rosenthal

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331 years of history united in a collection for a better tomorrow. Looking to the future. With the best of intentions. We dedicate ourselves to things that are dear to us: Supporting projects that are sustainable and create value. This endeavour was the starting point of the cooperation between ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ and Rosenthal. Two companies that look back on a long history and are now writing the future together. Rosenthal and ‘zoeppritz since 1828’ are united by a total of 331 years of tradition and shared values such as quality, durability, authenticity and longevity. The Rainbow Collection #331 by the two German companies fully reflects this history. Together with the children and youth organization Plant-for-the-Planet, zoeppritz since 1828 and Rosenthal plant 4,500 trees and support the education of children and young people as ambassadors for climate justice.