Drinking glasses by Rosenthal

The essence of drinking glass design. The glass series by Rosenthal. To your health – for the drinking glasses by Rosenthal this might apply in two respects. On the one hand relating to the contents, on the other to the form. Because “Estelle”, “diVino” and “Drop” are definitely healthy options for nearly every dining style. In addition to the classic “Estelle” with its characteristic relief, it’s particularly the two large goblet series “diVino” and “Drop” that stand for the essence of drinking glass design. Balanced proportions, clean lines and sophisticated drink-defining forms harmoniously complement each food culture and with six different red wine glasses give pleasure particularly to those who love good wine. How fortunate that all “Drop” glasses come in attractive cartons of two – because what could be a better host or hostess gift in answer to an invitation to an enjoyable evening meal?