Fountain, Mitosis, Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan, Snow – Rosenthal has translated the avant-garde textures by British designer Cairn Young into the unusual collection Phi. Complex geometric patterns cover the white porcelain bodies, transforming them into sculptural objects with a surprising 3D effect: Triangles become frosty flowers, crystals are shaped into snowflakes, cubic objects create a skyline.

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Phi Lamps

The Phi Lamps transform the porcelain bodies into objects of luminous fantasy.

The translucent light breaks up the strict shapes and plays with the surface of the matte, translucent porcelain, whereby the fascinating reliefs are shown to their best advantage.

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Rosenthal has brought on board the design label NUD Collection, which is making a name for itself internationally with creative lighting concepts, as a partner for the creation of the lamps.

With Bolt, the Swedish company provides the matching lampholder for the porcelain lamp shade. With trendy colours and designs at present, the textile cables and lampholders form a unit with the Phi lamp shades, which can be adapted to any furnishing style.

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Cooperation with NUD Collection


All Phi lamps are equipped with a high-quality textile cable in red or gold and the "Bolt" lamp holder from NUD Collection.

Phi Vases

The distinctive, up to 28 cm large vases of the Phi collection are an impressive eye-catcher.

Whether decorated with an exotic leaf, autumn twigs or a lush bouquet of flowers - the natural shapes of a floral arrangement create a charming contrast to the strict geometry of the vase. This blends with a dash of poetry when light refracts on the surface. Beautiful pieces on their own or as part of a decorative vase set.

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Phi LED Lights

The table lights City, Mitosis, Manhattan, Fountain and Snow complete the extraordinary collection. Thanks to a rechargeable LED module, the lights are cable-free and can be used flexibly throughout the interior.

Whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom - the dome-shaped porcelain objects provide an atmospheric light that is relaxing and calming.

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Phi Candles

Exciting designs combined with a fresh, elegant fragrance – the five reliefs of the Phi collection are also available as porcelain table lights filled with a highquality candle wax.

Made from 100-percent plant-based raw materials and produced sustainably, the Phi table lights delight with a long burning time and a pleasantly subtle aroma. Even after the wax has burned down, the matte white porcelain containers can be used for multifunctional purposes and add stylish accents in any ambience.

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The Phi Collection is available here and at selected retailers

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