Rosenthal Watch Collection


Rosenthal watches – time for design

The Rosenthal wristwatch collection combines contemporary elegance, precise watch-making and the finest materials with an elaborate, handcrafted face made from the best porcelain to create a unique gift idea. All watches are assembled in Germany by masters of their craft. Rosenthal puts a great deal of attention to detail into manufacturing the watch faces, which are just 1.5 millimetres thick, at its site in Selb, located in the German region of Upper Franconia. They are decorated and painted by hand.



»Skeleton« is an impressive piece, featuring a hand-moulded porcelain face that reveals a high-quality Japanese self-winding movement and is adorned with real gold. Thanks to its multi-functional calfskin strap, the stainless steel casing can also be worn as a pocket watch or around the neck as a pendant.


The fine, hand-moulded face with a porcelain droplet relief brings to mind Rosenthal‘s »Vibrations« vase. With its satin-covered brown calfskin strap, rosegold casing and black quartz movement, the delicate watch makes an attractive style statement on the wrist.



»Rock’n’Skull« combines the delicate nature of porcelain with a stylish skull motif to make a powerful fashion statement. Available in stainless steel/silver, stainless steel/titanium and gold, each with a high-quality Swiss quartz movement and calfskin strap.



The »Sunset« watch, with its radial face finished with either real gold or real silver, ion-plated stainless steel casing and high-quality calfskin strap, proves that simple can also be extraordinary. Available in stainless steel and gold.



With Roman numerals, larger at the bottom of the face than at the top, coupled with a classic-look pair of hands reminiscent of old-fashioned pocket watches, the »Asymetria« model fuses tradition and modernity. Available in stainless steel with a calfskin strap or in rose gold with a high-quality Milanese strap.


Cherry Blossom

Fine cherry blossom, hand-painted in shades of pink, graces the airy face of the Cherry Blossom model. With straps made from high-quality calfskin and a Swiss quartz movement, this watch is sure to please more than just lovers of floral designs.


Sun Ray

With modern straight lines, decorated by hand and featuring a high-quality calfskin strap, this model is a classic for life. Available in stainless steel or gold.

Magic Garden

Can an entire botanical garden, complete with plants and insects, flourish in just a few square centimetres? The Magic Garden model, with its fine, hand-painted relief decorated with real gold, has the answer. Available in stainless steel and gold, each with a high-quality Swiss quartz movement and calfskin strap.