Sphera - Sambonet: Contemporary design concepts in stainless steel

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"Sphera" is a contemporary concept which combines functionality with a reminiscence of the Space Age of the late 60s. This collection gives the impression it could have featured in films such as Roger Vadim's "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, or Stanley Kubrick's "Space Odyssey", and brings back memories of the extravagant objects which dominated avant-garde lifestyles during those times. Inspired by this extraordinary science fiction atmosphere, the Sambonet Style Centre has created a collection which picks up and continues the fashion principles and lifestyle trends of the 70s. A collection which combines rational design with handling convenience, its bowls, trays and decorative glass objects are characterised by a curved design language clearly distinguishing them from more traditional forms. "Sphera" offers numerous possibilities: Three round stainless steel shells can be used in different ways. Large bowls can be used as a tray or as a decorative table element, whilst the smaller one could be used for small change, or two could even be used together for some unique custom purpose. Three small containers made of borosilicate glass, together with a small tray, form a stylish Menage for vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.