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The simple, seemingly floating elegance provided by the crystal glass series “TAC” is aligned to the classic “TAC” service by Walter Gropius. The delicate, conically tapering glasses possess the formal strength and radiance of a design classic. Those closely involved with wine, automatically come across glass forms such as “TAC 02”. The stem is so long that it is easy to hold it with three fingers. The concave, voluminous glasses give the wine room to develop its bouquet. With these glasses, it is possible to examine before drinking whether the wine is bright or dreggy. The question concerning the right wine glass is more than a pure stylistic decision, as the form of the glass also has a determining influence on the enjoyment of the wine. This is why at Rosenthal studio-line, scientific knowledge also plays a major part, which in turn influences the production of the glasses. In modern glass design at Rosenthal, another aspect is prominent in addition to the decorative one, namely to provoke the taste so as to elicit all secrets from the wine.