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Patricia Urquiola is one of the most famous and internationally sought-after designers. For Rosenthal studio-line, Patricia Urquiola designed a dining concept of porcelain, glass, cutlery and accessories, which corresponds, with its formal language and outstanding craftsmanship, to the demands of ground-breaking product designs. After two years of development and in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola, the creative team and technicians at Rosenthal achieved a new milestone. Patricia Urquiola's design combines the western table culture with the oriental tradition, using tableware with variety and spontaneity. The characteristic design of table concept is especially effective on the borderless plate. Different three-dimensional patterns give an extra dimension to the porcelain series and highlight its value. These patterns are the result of an almost archaeological search for traces in our cultural memory. They are new interpretations using a modern digital language. The seven different reliefs on porcelain parts are sometimes arranged asymmetrically and in some cases cover the entire surface. In other instances, the pattern breaks the edge and creates a new line. This individual design and formal feature allows many possible combinations. Transparency, an essential quality feature of high-quality porcelain products is particularly striking in Urquiola's design. Rosenthal’s competence and experience are reflected here. The fine relief structure enhances the translucent effect of tissue-thin porcelain. The same style is found in the articles of glass. Following the example of English "marrow spoons" from the seventeenth-century, Urquiola developed the fitting cutlery. Patricia Urquiola states:”Our goal is to offer a versatile collection that wins with clear-cut designs and is characterized by richness of content that can be understood as a sensual guide".